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/Early Contractor Involvement

A reputation for delivering value through collaboration, openess and integrity. 

We collaborate with clients and key stakeholders during the design phase to empower innovation and operational efficiencies of a project prior to the build commencing.

We understand that a development needs to be economically viable before it gets built. 

That’s why we work with our clients to achieve a commercially viable outcome. Not only can we provide program advice and redesign projects to save costs, but we can also redesign them to support a commercial uplift, increasing potential net income. Our approach to ECI allows us to advise on serviceability to maintain resilience in the asset for years to come. 

We strive to provide absolute clarity for our clients.

Probuild offers Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) on projects across the country. In addition to providing constructability, cost and program advice, we help with space planning and functional layouts to assist our clients to secure commercial benchmarks during the design phase. The result is a more flexible asset.

Through our extensive design processes, we link design deliverables into the demands of the developer and their end users. For example, we draw on our extensive experience in retail construction to design wet areas in all assets that can cope with

high people volumes, while keeping them neutral and flexible for the greatest long-term resilience.

Our detailed design process includes the key stakeholders on projects to ensure the demands of multiple users are being met. Our super high-rise tower construction capabilities give us the ability to ensure the structure is designed as efficiently as possible, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate a range of different uses.

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