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Our whole-of-project approach consistently delivers high quality, mixed-use assets in a cohesive manner, catering to the specific needs of multiple user groups.

Probuild executes complex projects across multiple sectors, using a whole-of-project approach. 

We balance the needs of multiple user groups and bring the most experienced specialist construction professionals across all property sectors to create our best-in-class teams. Through this approach, our mixed-use projects guarantee the success and sustainability of the build and operation of the asset.

Creating the Most Capabable Mixed Use Construction Delivery Professionals

Our experience speaks to our ability to deliver the most complex mixed-use projects across the country. We have delivered the first hotel sitting atop a super-regional shopping centre and the first apartment buildings sitting atop a regional shopping centre. 

In both instances Probuild delivered retail redevelopments in excess of $400m and then integrated our construction teams to deliver the over build. For both projects, the client realised significant efficiencies by having the one builder deliver the mixed use project.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Fully integrated design management solution 

  • Flexibility design scheme changes responding to market conditions

  • Integrated safety solution

  • Limit impact on potenital existing operations including maximising public safety

  • Seamless subcontractor engagement 

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