Queen and Collins


Queen and Collins


A significant revitalisation of three heritage buildings in Melbourne’s CBD A boutique, PCA A-grade commerical asset Forming a 'city within a city' from three heritage buildings Creating a mix between distinctly urban and Melbourne-Venetian-Gothic architecture

Probuild in partnership with repeat client The GPT Group are repositioning Queen and Collins in Melbourne’s CBD as a boutique, PCA A-grade commercial asset. The redevelopment is set to be a significant revitalisation whilst maintaining the heritage elements of the building.

The three heritage buildings will form a ‘city within a city’ and allow the buildings to operate as separate entities, aligning urban design imperatives with heritage celebrations by rectifying the façade of the precinct to its former glory. Ultimately maximising the functionality of the site through a mixture of commercial and retail spaces.

Queen and Collins will form an engaging, lively and richly textured series of semi open-air lanes, courtyards and intimate squares of varying heights extending from ground to level two of the building.  

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