Parramatta, NSW

Environmentally sensitive construction Innovative value management solutions

Located along the Parramatta River, Promenade is being delivered over three stages and comprises 773 residences across 12 buildings (ranging from three to 12 storeys), car parking for over 1000 vehicles, four commercial tenancies, associated civil, landscaping and public domain works, including construction and dedication of new roads.


Continuing on from the successful delivery of Promenade Stage 1, Probuild will commence construction of Promenade Stage 2 and 3 in March 2016, with completion expected in early 2018.Probuild has provided multiple value management solutions for its client across the landmark development, from alternative light fittings to innovative structural design changes. The team has also effectively managed sensitive environmental considerations such as the protection of the adjacent wetlands and riparian zones. Design solutions have been presented to the client for a 1:100 year flood event.

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