Our Approach - Safety




Shared Focus On Safety

We strive to create an industry-wide culture of safety and care. For us, it’s making sure that every team member, including suppliers and subcontractors, feel safe on the job now and always.

Probuild goes above and beyond industry standards to remain vigilant and proactive about safety. 

From our team members to our suppliers and subcontractors, we strive to foster a culture that encourages people to speak up when something doesn’t seem right. Taking pride in the way we go about our day, we look out for one another on site and use effective systems and initiatives to underpin our culture of safety. 

The Right Safety Culture

Effective systems are important, but more important is creating the right culture. At the core of our approach in this regard is Probuild’s Building Safety Greatness (BSG) initiative. This is a behavioural improvement program based on three interrelating foundations:

  • Care: genuine concern for our colleagues and making the effort to use and improve safety systems and approaches

  • Courage: to speak up, have tough conversations when needed and to have the confidence not to worry what others might think

  • Pride: in doing things better and never taking short cuts

The program has been rolled out through senior leaders and a comprehensive training program, supported by learning collateral and implementation checks.

This, and other safety initiatives, have contributed to a significant improvement in our safety track record, including a reduction in our Lost Time Incident rate in the last three years.

To support the cultural development we need, our safety team analyses safety data and incident investigation findings to identify trends. Where needed they run targeted campaigns to address specific issues, as we have found behavioural based programs lead to safer outcomes.   

Subcontractor Management

Probuild engages subcontractors through formal Probuild Subcontract Agreements which include HSE Terms and Conditions. Satisfying these HSE Terms and Conditions a prerequisite in awarding a contract to work at a Probuild workplace. Before starting work, subcontractors that will undertake work involving HSE risks must sign and complete the subcontractors HSE requirements, along with the Subcontractors Declaration.

All HSE documentation is reviewed by our site teams prior to the start of work. This is done by completing the Subcontractor HSE Documentation Checklist, and, where required, the SWMS Review form.

To promote positive working relationships, we hold regular safety engagements at senior level with our subcontractors to outline new safety initiatives and behaviours we want to instil in people that work on our sites.

Specific leading safety initiatives

In addition to our Building Safety Greatness campaign we have introduced a range of other leading-safety initiatives:

  • HSE Focus Boards to indicate a formal prestart has occurred prior to a High-risk Activity that has commenced.

  • HSE Crane Boards, completed each morning with the crews to discuss out of the ordinary lifts for the day, weather conditions and any other risks and develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

  • New Guidance Notes and updates, on issues like silica dust, hoist usage, pick and carry cranes and concrete pumping.

  • Verification of competencies (3 years) for operations of all mobile plant and High-risk Work Licenses.

  • ICAM-Incident Investigation training for senior managers, including construction directors and managers, project directors and managers and site managers (root cause analysis) for better understanding of incidents and prevention.

  • Measuring Falling Objects Frequency Rate (FOFR), the first initiative to reducing these high-risk incidents.

    These leading safety initiatives go above and beyond industry standards to ensure we remain vigilante and proactive to safety. Construction is inherently dangerous, safe enough is never good enough.

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