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Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement

We endeavour to become synonymous with innovation and to continue leading the industry in this space, creating a better environment for our people and the community

Innovation at Probuild comes in many forms and is crucial to the continuous improvement and sustainability of our business. That is why

we continue to challenge ourselves to improve our capabilities by collaborating with all stakeholders including our supply chain. It is through this approach that we have created the Probuild Construction System, that supports our innovation culture and has resulted in tangible benefits for our clients. 


The Probuild Construction System (PCS), is our powerful business framework which helps us to identify and reduce non-value adding processes. 

It is built on lean construction principles and optimises efficiency in all areas of the business, ensuring more sustainable construction throughout delivery. 

The PCS House of Lean, illustrates (below) the foundations, pillars and support structure that contributes to creating value and reducing waste in our business. These pillars are more than just processes that are completed on site, they help facilitate the culture of continuous improvement starting from our most junior staff right up to the Managing Director.

Digitising the construction site - Our world-first sensor program  

To support the PCS, Probuild needed to digitise the worksite to collect data and develop an autonomous accurate tracking system. We partnered with an internet of things start-up called Ynomia and CSIRO’s Data 61 to develop a platform using proprietary BLEAT technology (Bluetooth Low Energy Aware Tracking) that can fully digitise our construction sites. The second iteration of this platform has enabled us to track structure, façade 

manufacture and installation and high-rise edge protection on a digital twin model (pictured below). By adding safety and critical path activities we have been able to integrate the PCS with the overlay of digitisation to continually improve our on-site activities, processes and capability. Through the use of this innovative technology we now have the ability to transform brown field equipment like edge protection screens into smart technology in our quest to fully digitise the construction site.    

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