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Corporate Social Responsibility.


/Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Key Pillars

Understanding our responsibilities to the built environment, we actively pursue ways of engaging with and contributing to the community in meaningful ways that will leave long-lasting, positive impacts.

As one of Australia’s leading construction companies in safety, quality and innovation, we understand the need to be building for a better future. 

To this end, our CSR approach is underpinned by three pillars: People, Planet and Partnerships. It aligns with what we do and how we do it. It is front of mind for our leaders and emanates from our vision, core values and the aspirations of our employees and clients.

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Our recent achievements:

  • Introduced Pro-Safety to the Construction Industry

Provided material to the industry to assist in ‘getting safety right’.  Pro–Safety looks at the six phases of a project lifecycle, honing in on opportunities to build better safety culture through every step we take and provides materials for the whole industry to share.


  • Donated $170,000 towards the 2020 Bushire Relief

This included backing $1 for $1 donated by our employees 

  • 50% reduction in national LTIFR over the last year

 This reduction was influenced by our award-winning Building Safety Greatness Campaign

  • Introduction of our Modern Slavery Policy

We are stepping up to make a difference and have put in place modern slavery prevention initiatives thorough the relevant project lifecycle: Tender, Pre-Commencement, Induction and On the Job

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