Sky Garden is Nearing Completion

October 2020

Sky Garden, from its very conception, has been a landmark project, consisting of 536 apartments spread across three towers, and a podium encompassing over 5000m2 of luxurious landscaping. The Sky Garden concept was affirmed once Golden Age secured the air rights to develop above the shopping centre in 2016.

Located above The Glen Shopping Centre, recently redeveloped and completed by Probuild in August 2019, Sky Garden has provided Probuild with a unique opportunity of completing construction of over $170 million of works while keeping The Glen complex below fully operational. Collaboration between the Sky Garden and The Glen Retail teams was paramount at the early stages of the project to ensure structural provisions for towers cranes and hoists were integrated.

Some of the milestones and achievements throughout the project have been:

  • Completing the structure of all three towers in 145 working days (equivalent of a 39-story building).
  • Designed, procured and supplied the first façade panel in less than six months with a new offshore supplier.
  • Awarded all subcontractor packages within seven months.

The early advancement in structure and façade set up the team for a strong lead into finishes across all three building’s concurrently in 2020.

Currently, the Sky Garden Team are in the home stretch with all apartments and landscaping nearing completion. Recently, Probuild commenced client defects inspections across all three towers, with positive feedback from Golden Age complimenting the high quality being delivered thus far. 

Sky Garden, true to its name, will deliver a lavish garden in the sky and will become an oasis in the heart of Glen Waverley. To achieve the task at hand, detailed planning and preparation went into allowing the landscaping to spring to life. As the podium landscaping works are directly located above the shopping complex, Probuild’s technical capabilities were highlighted with new systems developed to ensure quality procedures and waterproofing are completed to the highest standards. The prior planning and detailing can be successfully demonstrated with the construction of an engineered retaining wall that was used to form the garden beds. The retaining walls required no penetrations intothe structural slab allowing the entire area to maintain waterproofing integrity. The retaining wall post footings were locked into the screed through tied reinforcement, with the screed and posts then membraned over as asecondary layer of protection.


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