MLC Centre 'Oculus' Installation Commences

April 2021

The team at our MLC Centre, Sydney project have been coordinating the safe installation of the Centre’s major water feature, the Oculus.

This was the first coordinated lift to happen with two more scheduled over the next two months. This installation required a 400t Crane in Martin Place, in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, to lift the column and centre bridge section of the Oculus onto the project site.

The next two lifts will involve the water feature’s acrylic ponds being lifted onto the site. The acrylic ponds are integral features of the Oculus, imported from Japan and weighing approximately 10t each with prefabricated panels.

The Oculus lift required an extremely high level of focus on safety. Prior to the lift’s commencement, multiple high-risk workshops were completed and with senior management on site at MLC Centre.

At Probuild safety is our highest priority, and we are committed to providing a safe environment, despite the risks associated with working in live environments.

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