Meet our Graduates | Benjamin Mathers

March 2018

I am currently working at Avant as the supervisor of the Probuild Construction System (PCS) warehouse. This one of a kind system has been implemented to create value by eliminating waste; both minimising physical rubbish and helping the site team be more efficient. I am currently supervising all the subcontractors and their deliveries to the site warehouse, including the logistics of getting materials to the right floor in time for the construction sequence to run smoothly.

So far in the Graduate program I have had the opportunity to take part in the leadership development graduate camp to help further my skills. I have also had the continual support from the construction team at Avant and their countless years of knowledge and experience to fall back on.

The graduate program has been a great experience, full of excitement and opportunity, with the opportunity to learn a great deal in such a short period of time. I am looking forward to my continual development through the program and am excited about the possible outcomes.

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