Meet our Graduates | April Clark

March 2018

My experience thus far in the graduate program with Probuild has been an opportunity like none other. Probuild’s culture is a major stand out for me, they value and invest in their staff. In my short time here at Probuild I have been involved in personal and professional training and just returned back from a 5 day graduate training camp in Melbourne. Probuild sets a great platform for you to excel in a supporting and open environment.

Probuild offer community projects for staff to get involved and volunteer their time. These projects give a great opportunity for graduates to step up and take on senior roles. My involvement on the last WA Procommunity project, I was delegated to be the project Contracts Administrator. This opportunity was fantastic, not only did I get to work with various people in the company, it also challenged my leadership skills and to take ownership of my role, plus the sentiment you get supporting a great cause. 

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