Emily celebrates 15 years at Probuild


Emily celebrates 15 years at Probuild

December 2021


Emily celebrates 15 years at Probuild

Congratulations on 15 years at Probuild, Emily Kidd.

Emily is currently a Senior Design Manager at Probuild whose latest project was working on the recently completed Queen and Collins before taking parental leave.

Emily began her 15-year journey at Probuild as an undergraduate in our estimating department with her first site-based experience at an extension at NMIT TAFE in Epping.

Since her commencement, Emily is proud to say that she still loves what she does, having a great career whilst finding the balance to raise three young children.

“Why do I love working at Probuild? The people. Working with a team that are fiercely determined to achieve the same goal. Building teams and relationships on site and with external parties. It’s also been great watching others develop their careers at Probuild and exceed in their chosen roles.”

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