443 Queen Street Retention Works

June 2018

443 Queen Street’s foundation works have commenced at the 50-storey 264 apartment project, following a complex demolition of a 6-storey building on the banks of the Brisbane River whilst maintaining the existing basement hydrostatic slab. This is a very complex project due to the site’s proximity to the River, as well as cutting openings in the remaining existing slab and then plugged to take the building piles.

The project requires 49 piles in total, with pile loads in excess of 55,000kn. Due to the existing slab remaining, a piling mat was required, to protect the slab from the loads imposed by the piling rig. Our site team has been only been able to install one pile a day, with depths ranging from 15-40m and diameters ranging 750mm to 1500mm.

In order to construct the pile caps, Probuild will construct a water-proof barrier inside covering half the site. Construction inside these barriers will only take place during low tide.

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