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We help our clients reduce costs and gain asset continuity by empowering productive facilities management and plans informed by insights gained during the construction phase.

Our Facilities Management service enables us to offer a unique value add for our clients - a complete solution from construction commencement through to the completion of the 5-year (post PC) term of the development.

Benefits of an Integrated FM Solution

This approach will ensure a smooth transition through the handover and defects liability period, and also leverage the skills and know-how of the construction team and subcontractors that delivered the project in the operations and management of the facility.

There are considerable benefits that can be derived through this approach:

  • The integration of the construction and facility management teams will ensure that all final design decisions are considered from a whole of life perspective. This will also ensure that capital and maintenance costs of the asset is optimised.

  • The solution is flexible and can easily be adjusted should assets be handed over to other parties for maintenance.


  • The continuity of our service subcontractors ensures that important statutory maintenance obligations are initiated early in the operating term. 

  • The knowledge of the service subcontractors gained during the construction phase, will provide valuable insights into the OEM preventative maintenance plans, and also ensure that all asset data is transferred into our asset management system.

  • This approach will reduce costs as the expensive process of specifying and procuring the maintenance services will be avoided.

For further detail on how Probuild + Facilities Management can enhance your asset value beyond construction please speak to our General Management Facility Management, Gene Hoffmann on 0434 697 874, or email

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