A Reputation
For Absolute Integrity.



Probuild’s business practices and behaviours are outlined in our code of conduct. This document provides guidance to every Probuilder and provides in a practical manner how our values, ethics and commitments are reflected in our teams actions.

We are committed to providing a workplace where people feel safe and empowered to speak up in a high risk environment, particularly as it relates to safety. We challenge our teams to be bold, open and accountable to achieve the common goals of the business.

Our code of conduct responds to both strategic and operational decision making, and is consistent with our values and culture. The objectives of our governance is to ensure:

  • Comply with applicable laws

  • Accountable to our clients, customers, suppliers, parent company and the community

  • Use resources responsibly and efficiently

Probuild Constructions Australia Board of Directors:

  • Eric Meyerowitz - Chair

  • Luke Stambolis - Managing Director

  • Brad Duggan - Chief Financial Officer

  • Nick Gaurdry - NSW Managing Director

  • Joe Gianfriddo - Secretary

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