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Human Resources

Forging strong and lasting relationships with all employees is a major priority for Probuild, and the company has developed a dynamic human resources (HR) team dedicated to achieving this.

A healthy relationship directly translates to productivity, efficiency and competitiveness for Probuild as a company, and we take this commitment very seriously. Our HR team works hard to keep all employees informed about company developments, and offers them the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes.

An extensive and accessible range of systems has been put in place to achieve this, and to give employees a forum to provide comments, suggestions and opinions. These include regular department/site team meetings; consultative committees; notice boards; Toolbox Talks and publications such as newsletters, and monthly and quarterly reports.

The HR team also oversees a number of other initiatives, including the multi award-winning Work and Life Balance Program, Employee Assistance Program, Group Salary Continuance Insurance, and Training and Development programs.